Remote client identification

Remote identification allows client to open an account, get a virtual or physical bank card and get access to all banking services without visiting a Bank branch.
Take full advantage of remote identification capabilities in your iOS and Android mobile apps with the universal SDK library:
– provision of passport or ID-card photos – reading data from ID-card chip – provision of documents with Diia app or BankID NBU – built-in person liveness detection technology

How remote identification works

The remote identification flow allows the client to confirm his identity and provide all the necessary documents by taking photos or via Diia or BankID NBU services

Passport or ID card photo provision

The client takes photos of the documents and provides them to the Bank

Reading data from ID-card

Client reads data from ID-card using NFC module
Client holds his phone to the ID-card to read the data from it
Reading data from the chip of a biometric document is performed by the NFC module of the smartphone and the bank's mobile application

Providing documents via Diia or BankID NBU

Alternatively, instead of taking photos of documents, the client submits the necessary documents via Diia mobile application or the BankID NBU service

Person liveness detection

The client completes person liveness detection procedure and, if necessary, provides his photo with a document in his hand

Quick and easy

If necessary, the client applies his signature to the photos of the documents and completes the identification
Remote identification is the key to remote banking service that saves time